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The Magic of Eä A multi-series on the varieties of magic and magical crafting in Middle-Earth and one method of implementing them into your GURPS campaign. Part I: Introduction When I first began this endeavor, I foolishly assumed that the 4 blank pages I set aside in my notebook and labelled ‘Magic’ would more than suffice for my needs. A few rules for conversions from MERP's magic system to GURPS, a couple of spell lists, racial magical traits, and templates/lenses would suffice. I was woefully wrong.  I now sit here with an entire notebook’s worth of notes, more than a dozen books from GURPS, MERP, Rolemaster, and an entire banner’s worth of webpages for reference. What was my big mistake you may ask? Well, as many of these things begin, it started with a simple question while I was musing about the specific peculiarities of magic in J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories. “How did Sauron make a ring so powerful, why did its destruction cause him to be destroyed along with all t

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